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Who is Tassilo Erath Photography? 

I am a small town photography studio located 1/2 way between Cornwall and Ottawa, Ontario. I am Tassilo Erath, your photographer. My studio is located at

30 Mary Street Chesterville, Ontario

My Number is 613-229-6363

I have been doing photography for over 50 years. I started in the early part of the 70's while living in Europe. All of my packages include an engagement shoot. The purpose of an engagement shoot is two fold. one, it helps the couple to get to know the photographer, as well for him to get to know the couple. the second is simply to have some fun. We can use props or do silly things there are no limits other then your imagination, it's a time to reflect on the couples love for each other and to just have fun doing it.

When I do a wedding shoot I always come early to check out the venue and also make sure everything is in place just as it should be.

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I do mainly  Weddings

I also do Pet Portraits and Commercial Work.

My prices for weddings can be found  on my package Pricing Page. 

Send me a message and we can see what I can do for you

I give access to a client portal, this can be made private for only you and people you want to see your pictures or public, where anyone can see them, totally your choice.

I also give Consultation and timeless assistance

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Like what you have  seen so far?   Great.  The next step would be for you to Contact us by completing the Contact Me section.  Tell us a little about yourselves and your special day.  From there we can set up a non-pressure meeting, this is to give you also the opportunity to meet me and for me you meet with you both.  Here we can discuss anything special you would like to see in your pictures, other then the normal pictures you see all the time.  Example some couples would like some pictures taken with their pets before the wedding, as they may not be allowed to be at the wedding.  

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